Consultations perfomed directly in the company:

  • optimization of spaces and equipment present, improve the existing production;
  • creation of a new line of pastry, rational,  also taking part on the choice of the raw material to be used;
  • training the internal staff through basic theoretical and practical lessons aimed at new preparations, such as: tartlets, modern cakes, oven  cakes, leavened, biscuits, chocolate-coated and desserts;
  • production techniques, storage, finalization and presentation;
  • possibility of the choice of the duration of the consultancy for the beginning at least three days to get to ten, with possible new interventions.

 “special event: restaurant dessert”, dedicated to the catering dessert

Organizing the completion of the desserts directly in a space at the presence of the guests to interact and explain the steps before the actual tasting. For who hosts such an event, the possibility to closely follow all the steps of the various recipes in order to understand my vision on the catering dessert.

The pastry for catering must be up to the expectations, it must surprise, seduce and make the gourmets, the greedy and the curious remain at table. We must be constantly ready to perceive incentives and trends of the environment which surround us.

Our ideas, to excite and draw the client into the vortex of taste, must arise from calculations and well-defined proportions that contain within them  passion and instinct. With great skill we must excite, playing with flavors, shapes and colours, like a painter plays with his palette.