Born in 1975 in sorrento, a generous land source of inspiration for many of his creations.

With twenty years experience, Antonino provides consultings for restaurants, pastry shops and businesses in agricultural and food sector and is the author of numerous training courses for enthusiasts and professionals. Passion: “I was lucky to have a family that taught me the sense of taste. Taste is the foundation of sweet art, it means knowing when it’s time to add and when to remove. My pastry is a constant search for harmony, balance between beauty and flavor. A dessert should be conceived as a grand finale, and then it must leave the memory of a strong emotion”..

They say about him

Nino di Costanzo Chef

I have a deep admiration for Antonino Maresca, his profession, I must admit, is much more difficult than mine. When we think of a new dessert, we analyze the project together, but he’s the only one who can achieve the perfection.
He is an indisputable star: a real talent and he has an unparalleled technique.
About him, I really appreciated the perception of having been able to believe in such a complex project and, in many ways, difficult to achieve; sharing my working methods and always giving me his generous contribution, with values similar to mine: love, passion, determination, respect for the raw materials of our traditions, of the products of our land and above all of our guests. After all, I’m just a simple cook who has had the fortune to meet along his way a professional and, for me, a real friend who has given his soul to fulfilll a dream that has now become an important reality, the Mosaic. Thank you Antonino.

Loretta Cavallaro, journalist

“Antonino’s hands have an intelligence that amazes you. When you look at him working everything seems to be so easy… then you try and you realize that a recipe is not only a combination of doses and ingredients. The wisdom of the gestures, and what you find in the flavor and consistency. He is an alchemist who transforms the substance”.

Nadia Taglialatela, food blogger

“Antonino is a charming pastry chef. When I taste a cake made by him, I always have the impression that I’ve never tried anything like that before. He pays attention to the details, the raw materials, the perfumes and I consider it a privilege to collaborate with him.”

Raffaele Fontana e Cataldo Mascolo (ex former colleagues and teachers)

“We had the chance to get to know Tonino at the beginning of his career and it didn’t take us long to realize that he had something more than others.
I, Raffaele, worked with him even in a second moment, when Tonino’s career, was already well underway, and I was impressed by his strong personality which has strengthened over the years, as well as his natural talent in the world of pastry which was already evident at the beginning of his career.
One thing in which he has never changed is his sense of respect and humility.
We are sure that his stubbornness and persistence will bring him far; we are proud to have met him and we wish him to continue in this way”.

Peppe Daddio (Responsible of “Dolce e Salato” School)

Tonino, with patience, creativity and desire to give, encourages whoever is keen to create “special effects”. Pastry is a science, a world that doesn’t accept shortcuts and not even approximations. Only passion and devotion. In his hands there is the perfect combination between taste and creative genius.